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Making your life easier


A unique 3-in-1 baby bottle cleaner, sterilizer, and dryer.

Bottle Bath was designed with one simple goal: to make early parenthood easier and give parents more time to do the things they enjoy. But, how does Bottle Bath actually clean, sterilise, and dry? Our user-friendly and intuitive process is easier than you think. All you need to do is press “start”, and Bottle Bath does the rest.

A four step process

Where you only have to do the first step!

Load & start

Load up to four used bottles and related accessories in the system’s upper and lower trays — Bottle Bath’s design caters to most available bottle brands. The simple yet intuitive menu is incredibly easy to operate; once loaded, simply press “start”.

Thorough wash

Bottle Bath gets to work. Upper and lower high-pressure rotating water jets clean gently yet thoroughly to wash and rinse. The jets are strategically placed at the top and bottom to work in tandem and ensure that all areas of the bottle and accessories are properly cleaned.

Steam sterilization

High-temperature steam helps sterilize bottles and accessories, eliminating harmful germs and bacteria. Bottle Bath’s dome design ensures steam effectively permeates all exposed surfaces of the bottles and accessories.

Air dry

An air vent ducting system introduces warm air into the main dome, drying bottles and parts in the shortest time possible. Through the dome’s circular design, a vortex airflow is created, thus maximizing the effective 360⁰ coverage of Bottle Bath’s drying capability.

Take a break — you’ve earned it

Enjoy a clean, dry bottle every time you need one. With Bottle Bath, you can do more with your time — spend it with your baby and loved ones, or simply rest (you deserve it!).