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The Bottle Bath story


Developed by two everyday
Australian fathers.

Proper baby bottle cleaning and sterilization is essential for a newborn’s wellbeing, but it shouldn’t keep you from the moments that really matter. We have spent the last four years perfecting Bottle Bath, ensuring a high-quality and reliable product is delivered. Conceptualized by Alex Djojoutomo and Ricky Hee with style and simplicity in mind, Bottle Bath is now available to homes throughout Australia and the rest of the world.

The Bottle Bath heroes

“Having two young children each, we understand that being a parent isn’t easy — especially when there’s a new baby on the scene. Frequent nappy changes, baths, feeds, and more, deprive hardworking parents of much-needed rest.

Babies can feed up to seven times a day, resulting in multiple rounds of time-consuming washing, sterilising, and drying of baby bottles. We wanted to redefine how parents traditionally clean and prepare bottles in a way that genuinely saves time.

So, we developed and perfected Bottle Bath — a 3-in-1 electric baby bottle cleaner, sterilizer, and dryer — alongside an experienced team of multi-award-winning designers. After multiple iterations and testing, we’ve created one of the best baby bottle sterilizers in today’s market.

Bottle Bath gives you the freedom to do more with your time, so you can focus on the moments that really matter, like spending time with your baby, loved ones, or on yourself.”

— Ricky & Alex